Serviced Accommodation 101: What is Serviced Accommodation?

What is Serviced Accommodation? 

It is one of the most popular property strategies everyone’s talking about nowadays. But what exactly is it and how does it work? Simply put, serviced accommodation is a property that offers hotel-like facilities on a short-term basis. You also probably heard it as short-term rental, holiday lets, and commonly advertised on Airbnb,, VRBO and Coolstays. 

In line with the services and amenities are fully equipped homes from your kitchen, living spaces, bedrooms, and dining and some have outdoor space. Guests are also expecting bathroom essentials just like a hotel with fresh towels, complimentary shampoo, soap, body wash and conditioner. To create the overall ‘home away from home experience.

Investors typically let serviced accommodation to tourists or working professionals looking for short stays on a night-by-night basis. Since it’s ideal for those who are planning a temporary stay in an area, or those who want to move around but still have the option to stay at their own place some could be contractors who work away Monday-Friday and need somewhere to stay during this period.  

And now, as the two years of the pandemic activity moves further behind us, the lasting impact and the changes in habits, routines and travel are now becoming more clear. Now is the right time to get started. If you’re new to Air BnB or the world of Serviced accommodation this Market Review Webinar is the best place to learn how accurate data have driven, the modern hospitality business navigates the changing landscape and seasons in the UK.

Types of Serviced Accommodation SA can range from studio apartments to luxurious penthouse suites or even houses. They’re typically classified into:

  • Serviced Apartments: These are apartment units with separate bedrooms, a living area, and a fully equipped kitchen.
  • Aparthotels: A blend of an apartment and a hotel, they provide hotel-like services in an apartment-style accommodation.
  • Holiday Homes: These are standalone properties like cottages or villas, suitable for families or larger groups.

The Appeal of Serviced Accommodation Serviced Accommodation offers more space, privacy, and flexibility than traditional hotels. Guests have the freedom to cook, entertain guests, or work comfortably. They’re also usually more cost-effective for longer stays.

The Role of Serviced Accommodation in the Hospitality Industry Serviced Accommodation or Airbnb Business plays a vital role in the hospitality industry, catering to a wide array of guests, from business travellers on extended trips to families on vacation. It offers a more personalised and homely alternative to standard hotel rooms.

Serviced accommodation offers a lucrative opportunity for property owners and a comfortable alternative for travellers. Its rise in popularity demonstrates the growing demand for flexible and homely travel accommodation. 

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