Embracing Serviced Accommodation: A Pathway to Leaving Your Day Job

Are you considering leaving your day job to pursue something more flexible and potentially more profitable? The serviced accommodation industry could be the opportunity you’re looking for. This business model can provide a steady income stream and allow you to have greater control over your working hours. Here’s why it might be the perfect fit for you.

Earning Potential

Serviced accommodation can offer significantly higher returns than traditional rentals, which could rival or even exceed your current salary. By providing premium, short-term rentals, you can maximise your income and potentially achieve financial freedom sooner.


Running a serviced accommodation business offers flexibility that a traditional 9-to-5 job often can’t. You can manage your business from anywhere and set your working hours according to your personal preferences and needs.

Entrepreneurial Growth

Operating a serviced accommodation business allows you to develop and apply a wide range of skills, including property management, customer service, marketing, and financial planning. This entrepreneurial experience can lead to personal and professional growth.

Lower Entry Barriers

Getting started in the serviced accommodation industry doesn’t necessarily require owning a property. Models such as Rent to Rent allow you to lease a property from a landlord and then sublet it as serviced accommodation.


The serviced accommodation business model is highly scalable. You can start with one property and gradually add more to your portfolio as your income and experience grow.

Rewarding Work

Providing quality accommodation and helping guests enjoy their stay can be highly rewarding. You can take pride in maintaining beautiful properties and offering outstanding service to your guests.

Tax Benefits

As a serviced accommodation operator in the UK, you can enjoy certain tax advantages, like allowances for furniture and the ability to offset mortgage interest against profits, thanks to the Furnished Holiday Let (FHL) classification.

Starting a serviced accommodation business can be a powerful step towards leaving your day job and gaining more control over your income and lifestyle. However, as with any business, it’s important to conduct thorough research, plan carefully, and seek professional advice where necessary. With a thoughtful approach, serviced accommodation can become a successful and satisfying full-time endeavor.

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